Tell Me Who

The Team Behind Tell Me More®

The unlikely circumstances and accidental coincidences that brought each of us to TELL ME MORE are too many to describe here.

Suffice it to say that we enjoy big challenges, laughter, personal and professional growth...

...and one another's presence and friendship through this chapter of life's adventure.

Angelika Ilina

Angelika Ilina

Co-Founder & Creative Director

Angelika’s specialties include finding top talent who possess the crucial skills and experience to generate double- and triple-digit improvements in online lead generation and increases in online sales for clients, as well as ensuring creative projects are completed on time and within budget.

Angelika is passionate about cooking, nutrition, and recipe development.

Joel Sanders

Joel Sanders holding sketchbook

Co-Founder & CEO

In nearly two decades as a business strategist and marketer, Joel has led small business turnarounds, new product launches, and delivered millions of dollars in profits to investors and business owners. Joel specializes in product positioning, identifying meaningful metrics, creating marketing tests, and leading design sprints.

Joel has been called a “coffee-drinking idea generation machine.”

Mohammed Mostafa

Mohammed Mostafa with arms crossed

Operations Director

From SEO, written content, video, podcasts, and social media, Mo specializes in building and leading teams and scaling marketing operations. Mo brings his analytical background, experience managing large organizations, and keen competitor research to develop innovative channels that deliver measurable results for clients.

In his spare time, Mo likes to learn foreign languages, play tennis, and dance salsa.

Kimberly Randall

kimberly joy randall art director

Art Director

Kimberly’s approach to design is strategic, innovative, and collaborative, with a goal of delivering an engaging and meaningful experience for its intended audience and beyond. She has over 18 years of experience in all stages of the design process, including conceptual design, branding, animation, and art direction.

Kimberly is also a lover of vintage furniture and clothing.

Noelle Caliguri

noelle caliguri

Content & Partnerships Director

Noelle is an impassioned storyteller and relationship builder by nature. Her specialty is disseminating a brand’s story and competitive edge across multiple digital mediums. With over 10+ years in direct-response marketing, partnering with leading DTC & CPG brands, she approaches any initiative with a growth mindset.

When Noelle isn’t typing away on the computer, she’s either performing in a play or short film, traveling abroad, or spending quality time with her husband and fur baby!

Mike Guess

mike guess seo nerd

SEO Nerd

Mike Guess is a seasoned expert in SEO, online marketing, website management, and server administration. With a background in eCommerce, Mike has innovated SEO strategies by operating various online ventures.

In previous roles, he contributed to the growth of major marketing firms by refining their SEO services and protocols. He has also held account management, sales, and marketing positions with multiple Fortune 500 companies.

Pavel Burminsky

Pavel Burminsky standing with hands in pockets

Web Developer

Pavel is a full-stack web developer with 12 years and thousands of hours of experience in developing websites. He started out as an SEO specialist working for an IT company and later co-founded an online marketing agency. These days, Pavel is fully concentrated on web development and is an expert in WordPress.

When not working on exciting projects for our clients, Pavel enjoys travel, photography, and video games.

Artem Lapkin

artem lapkin Tell Me more web developer

Web Developer

Although he has a degree in electrical engineering, Artem was always interested in computers and IT. What started as a hobby became his passion. To him, writing code is like poetry — you don't need to be a poet to understand that the verse is beautiful. It is the same with code — if done using best practices, an ordinary user can read it and understand its use.

When not in front of his computer, Artem enjoys swimming, camping, and playing volleyball and pingpong.

Sofia Alidina

Sofia Alidina UX Strategist and Copywriter

UX Strategist & Copywriter

Sofia is a UX strategist and copywriter who loves to use design to help brands tell their stories in an impactful and engaging way. She has experience in UI/UX design, visual design, branding, and content marketing, and uses this experience to create wireframes and write content for TMM clients.

When not working, Sofia loves to explore new cafés, museums, and bookstores in New York and spend plenty of time outside in Central Park.

Jonathan Patten

jonathan patten


Jonathan is a seasoned copywriter committed to helping clients find the right language to tell their own stories. Having worked across a range of industries, from entertainment and healthcare to real estate and tech, he has experience in every stage of the content creation process and enjoys bringing those skills to each new project.

Outside of writing, Jonathan also enjoys biking, reading, woodworking, and digging in the garden.

Mikhail Kuzmin

Mikhail Kuzmin digital analyst

Digital Analyst

Mikhail firmly believes in adopting analytics for business growth—he has successfully implemented automated analytics for major beer producers, used his marketing experience to establish a tourism company, and worked in data analytics for 30+ clients. His hands-on approach empowers him to interpret data effectively, extracting actionable insights that contribute to meaningful outcomes.

When he’s not working, Mikhail enjoys spending time exploring 4x4 trails in the mountains and sharing his love of nature with his kids.

Heather Egbert

heather egbart marketing coordinator

Marketing Coordinator

Heather has a passion for delivering results in the ever-evolving landscape of marketing by working closely with stakeholders across departments to ensure the execution of marketing initiatives. She uses her 6+ years of experience to assist the team with a variety of projects from publishing content to SEO research.

When not working, Heather can be found at the race track or volunteering with rescued wolves and wolfdogs.

Shannon Geisinger

shannon geisinger holding keyboard


A self-described word nerd, Shannon understands that the content in interviews and podcasts is marketing gold. She takes the time and attention necessary to listen carefully and create a professional transcript. Little things matter, and Shannon does not let those details slide. Transcribing plays nicely into Shannon’s love of learning; listening to our clients' interviews is a joy for her.

When not sitting at her computer, Shannon is a homeschooling mom with a passion for singing and reading.