Hit your marketing goals without the scramble

Why partner with TELL ME MORE®? Because our smart processes, tools, and people will unleash your creativity and help you reach the goals that matter most.

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Be smarter with our tools for thinking and creativity

Don't leave your marketing to chance. Use proven tools and frameworks to get predictable, repeatable marketing results.

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Your team and TMM become one team, with a mix of responsibliites between us. Getting clear on this up front is paramount.


Set goals, create a scorecard, and align teams

First, we get clear on goals and create a scorecard. Scorecards define the "game" we're playing, so that we all know if we're winning.

Next, we select the players and define roles: What should you do in-house with your team, and what should TMM do? TMM can also mentor and train your team in any of our processes or tools.

Meet the TMM team

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TMM collaborates with clients primarily through meetings and documents. By eliminating dozens of back-and-forth emails, we focus more on "deep work" and projects that matter.


Use smart workflows
and less email

TMM is famous for making marketing teams work smarter, with fewer interruptions that fracture attention.

That's why we use highly-structured meetings and collaboration tools. Systems and processes remove roadblocks and supercharge creativity.

Our workflow accountability creates just enough stress to keep everyone on their toes and unleash their greatest potential—without feeling stretched or overwhelmed.

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TMM doesn't accept "rush orders." We deliver work with plenty of time to spare. As just one example, we deliver blog articles to clients 3 to 4 weeks in advance of the publish date.


Reach success ahead of schedule

Rushed work is sloppy work. Hurrying fractures attention and causes unneeded stress.

The most-talented writers, designers, developers, and SEO strategists are in constant demand. That's why we plan everyone's calendars quarter by quarter, 90 days in advance.

What this means for you: Instead of hurry and drama, you get a sense of calm confidence as we help you hit your goals.


Turn creativity into a competitive advantage

Creativity isn't a lightning bolt that streaks out of the sky... creativity is a process.

  • step 1


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    Collaborate in bi-weekly or monthly strategy sessions to review the scorecard, set objectives, and assign accountability for upcoming work.

  • step 2


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    Sprint in 2- or 4-week chunks on deliverables. Optionally check in weekly for a 15-minute "scrum" session to remove bottlenecks and answer questions.

  • step 3


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    Our team and your team complete agreed-to deliverables: Web pages, lead magnets, strategic reports, and more. Our quality assurance steps ensure the highest industry standards.

  • step 4


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    Receive monthly reports on success measures and outcomes with easy-to-share graphics. Includes reflection narratives that descriibe successes, obstacles, and new opportunities.


Nothing costs you more than people who see your message and do nothing...or who go to a competitor.


Tell Me More works best with established teams

TMM'S ideal clients have in-house professional marketing teams, well-established annual budgeting and planning processes, and experience with marketing agencies.

We do not work well with owner-managed businesses, businesses with less than $5 million in annual revenue, or startups.

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No hacks, no hustles, and no funnels: What Tell Me More is not

You can tell a lot about a company and its culture by the words they use to describe the things they do. Words have power: They impact attitudes, biases, and behaviors, with unforeseen consequences.

Thus, while the following terms are trendy in marketing and business, we disdain them.

No Hacks

To us, a "hack" is something that's fast, flimsy, and without staying power. We prefer to think methodically and act with purpose for the long-run. In our experience, success has few shortcuts.

No Hustlers

While we can appreciate ambition, to us, "hustlers" are fast talkers who stretch the truth, care mostly about themselves, and are motivated primarily by their own financial gain.

No Funnels

We honestly don't understand the industry's infatuation with this term. We find it demeaning to those we serve. Who wants to get sucked into a funnel to get cash extracted out the other side? We don't. We don't think anyone does.